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The Top Mom Sites is a fun way to promote your website and receive extra exposure for free!  Get your site some free exposure and have fun having your friends and visitors voting and commenting on your site.

Just submit your site and information, put up the link or button graphic on the page you submitted as the reciprocal link and then every time someone clicks on the link/button, that will count as a vote for you. Promote this not only on your site but in your newsletters!

*Sites subject to approval - only Family Friendly Sites approved.
*No offensive content or language, including hidden words for search engine ranking.
*Sites must post the Top Mom Sites link or button for votes to remain in competition. (A word link must mention the Top Mom Sites and request a vote, it cannot simply be a link to "TOP MOM SITES", or other verbiage.  You must state that you are requesting a vote) We reserve the right to discontinue any sites for suspicion of cheating or not abiding by rules.

*Link/button must be up within 48 hours of joining the Top Mom Sites Competition to be approved. These must be working links or your site will be rejected.
*Link/button cannot be in a protected area that we don't have access to or are not able to view to validate your link.  If you put your link/button in a message board area only viewable/available to members, we cannot approve you.

*You may only enter your site once in the Top Mom Sites
*You are allowed one vote per ranking period per IP addie.  The system can't count more than one vote per IP addie to prevent cheating.
*Sites will be dropped for rude comments, behavior, harassment, spamming, bad sportsmanship or complaints.  We reserve the right to drop a site for any of the above reasons or if we receive numerous complaints from fellow members.

*Sites will not be accepted into the Top Mom Sites until the logo/button is put up on the URL that you submitted for the RECIPROCAL LINK when joining.

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Please remember, you are responsible for the information in your account.  If you want a banner to be showing, you need to put the banner URL into your account.  (This was asked for when you first registered)
You can sign in to your account here.

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About Us: TopMomSites is owned by Moms Network - a non profit organization for moms.  Moms Network was founded and run by Cyndi Webb, a work at home mom.  Moms Network is still a company owned and run by one work at home mom, with the help from a few volunteers who share the vision of providing sites and resources for moms to flourish in their business. Moms Network cross promotes all of their sites amongst the other sites in order to gain more exposure for each mom and business listed on each
individual site.

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